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How We Spend Your Donations
Here's how we spend the dollars you donate to AskQuestions.Org:

Project support: We keep a small percentage of donations to pay for our technical and administration costs, including the costs of publishing the media newsletter, and maintaining relations with the news industry.

Research and Reporting: The rest of your donations go to researchers and reporters who are working to answer your questions. We will not hire researchers or reporters until we have the funds to pay them. If the public donates more money we need for one question, we put the extra funds aside in a trust account that we can use to cover shortages on other questions.

Traffic building: the site is far more interesting to the mainstream media when lots of people are posting questions or comments. And we are particularly interested in bringing together a broad spectrum of popular opinions. We have a separate fundraising effort just for building our site traffic. We use 100% of those gifts to place small ads, conduct publicity efforts, and pay for web links that will drive more people to the site.
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