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New Web Site Answers Publicly-Generated Questions Mainstream Media Overlooks 

March 15, 2004 (Berkeley,CA)

AskQuestions.org launched an Internet site today to cull and answer the most popular questions concerning public issues that have been ignored by mainstream media. Visitors to askquestions.org, a California nonprofit organization, submit a question and also vote on a list of Most Popular Questions. AskQuestions raises donations from visitors to the site and hires journalists to answer the most popular questions that no one has answered.

AskQuestions is the brainchild of veteran publisher and author, Cheryl Woodard, co-founder of PC Magazine, PC World, and MacWorld, and author of Starting and Running A Successful Newsletter or Magazine (Nolo Press), the leading business how-to book for magazine publishers. Other AskQuestions contributors include Clint Wilder, former award-winning editor-at-large for Information Week; Ted Nace, founder of PeachPit Press and author of the recently published “Gangs of America: The Rise of Corporate Power and the Disabling of Democracy;” and Mark Dowie, award-winning journalist who broke the Ford Pinto story in 1977 while an editor at Mother Jones magazine.

Using cutting-edge software for aggregating the most frequently asked questions submitted by the public online, AskQuestions raises donations and hires freelance journalists to answer the most popular questions. Asking or voting for a question on the “most popular” list is free; getting an answer will prompt a request for a donation of any size.

AskQuestions.org is a nonprofit dedicated to connecting media to the public directly by using the Internet. The organization’s mission is to explore the intersection between the Internet and democracy by creating new public tools for civic engagement, and to publish information that helps people become informed consumers of the news.


AskQuestions.org is a service of the Public Interest News Gate, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public access to information.

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