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Contributor Guidelines
Editorial Mission

Ask Questions is a reader-driven news service. We give voice to commonly held public concerns. Our process of gathering questions, public commentary and donations is designed to expose gaps in media coverage so that urgent questions may be addressed, either by our own reporters, or by the news industry.

The mission of our original reporting is to move beyond what is available from established media to investigate issues deemed urgent by the public, and to explore questions strictly from the public's viewpoint, rather than any views held by our staff, supporters, or partners. The public poses its own questions, and we apply the tools of professional journalism in response.

Researcher Guidelines

We pay from $40 to $100 per question to qualified researchers who can:

• Find the credible resources on this question, including academics, nonprofits, publications, government agencies, and web sites.

• Look for well-written articles from people who might be able to provide follow-on reporting or information, and make note of their contact information.

• List the sources with links and complete citations. If a source is biased, then report their mission, funding, or affiliations.

• Write a summary of prevailing ideas on the question, 200 words maximum.

Researchers, please end an email describing your credentials and experience, as well as subject expertise to info@askquestions.org along with your phone number and mailing address. Research submissions become the property of AskQuestions.org and we reserve the right to edit them. Researchers receive an author byline on their work.

Writer/Reporter Guidelines

We pay from 30 cents to $2 per word for articles that meet the following editorial criteria:

• Writers will submit a query outlining a plan for the article. Queries are best sent by email without attachments to info@askquestions.org

• Writer's query should explain what the article will cover and how the reporting will be done, as well as a description of the writer's qualifications and connection with sources on this topic, along with an estimated word count. Be sure that your plan is consistent with the public's questions and commentary posted on the site. Include clips or links to your work on other web sites. Writers seeking an assignment must disclose any associations that could be perceived to pose a conflict of interest.

• Along with a polished article, the writer must provide links, email addresses and contact information for sources so that we can check facts.

We buy all rights, including print and electronic rights. We pay author royalties from donations readers might make after the article has been published at our site (if any). We will publish author bio and contact information with the article if desired, including links to your web page if appropriate.

AskQuestions.org is a service of the Public Interest News Gate, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public access to information.

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