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The Patriot Act: Banks, pharmacies and other businesses are using the Patriot Act to demand my social security number and other private financial or medical information, At the same time, I hear about identity theft in the media. What's going on, and what should I do? What does the Patriot Act mean to me?  1003 votes  UPDATED
Income Taxes:Who pays taxes in America, or rather, who does NOT pay income tax, or pays very little?  632 votes  UPDATED
Iraq and War Profiteering: What companies are profiting from the US actions in Iraq?  402 votes  UPDATED
After the Oil Runs Out:I've seen a range of ideas, but I want to know what is the most likely 'post-oil' scenario?  376 votes  UPDATED
Global Warming: Give me a thesis of global warming.  371 votes  UPDATED
9/11 Coverup: Is there a cover-up going on about what really happened on September 11, 2001?  231 votes 
Finding Birth Parents: How can I find my real father for free with his social security number?  229 votes  UPDATED
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